Rolex Scholar, Megan Cook training with AP instructors Tony Read and Mike Fowler at the Inner Space 2013 rebreather event hosted by Divetech, Grand Cayman.
    Photo by Greg Regnier


Inspiration rebreather instructors operate in 56 countries across the globe.

Worldwide training is available from Level 1 Inspiration and Evolution Diver through to Trimix and Instructor / Instructor Trainer levels with all the major training agencies: ANDI, ANMP, BSAC, CMAS.CH, ETDS, FFESSM, FSGT, IAC, IANTD, IART, ITDA, NAUI, NELOS, PADI, PTA, PSAI, RAID, SSI, TDI, UTRtek, VDST and VEST.

 Inspiration instructors are now located in 56 countries and more and more divers are progressing to the higher qualifications every month.

The Inspiration is a specialist piece of dive kit and will only be sold by AP Diving to properly qualified divers who have successfully completed a unit-specific course with one of these recognised agencies. It is absolutely essential that the type of diving practiced should always be appropriate to the level of training and experience achieved.


The document describes the minimum requirements that need to be met for a rebreather instructor who is already a Mod 2 or Mod 3 instructor on at least one rebreather and wants to teach at that level on another rebreather. Different training organisations may have different names for these courses. 

Use the download button below for information on the standards designed by RESA.