Shipping AP Products for Service from Europe


European Customers may return AP products for service to A.P’s warehouse in The Netherlands, which will avoid the need to create an invoice and deal with export/import paperwork and customs which will be taken care of by our staff in Voorschoten.

When sending a product for service from an EU Country to AP Diving, please send, appropriately insured, to the following address with a covering letter stating the work required including your full contact information:

A.P. Diving Europe B.V.
Industrieweg 30
2254 AE

For further information and cost estimate, contact
[email protected]


PLEASE NOTE: If, for some reason, you need to send products for service direct to AP Diving UK, you will need to follow the “temporary import” procedures below.


Shipping AP Products to the UK for Service
from the Rest of the World


Returning an item to the UK factory for service from outside the UK

Items returned for service qualify as a temporary import and as such, Customs need to see an invoice with the goods. Providing they are sent into the UK on a temporary import basis they can be sent back to you with VAT only being charged on the value of the repair and delivery. There would be no VAT to pay on the value of the goods. To qualify as a temporary import the correct invoice format must be used. There are two template invoices available for download below (yellow buttons):

  1. Rebreather Lid servicing – please note there is a specific template for returning Inspiration electronics for servicing available below.
  2. For the service of all other AP Diving products please use the Return-for-Service Invoice template below.

1. Shipping an Inspiration Lid for Service from Outside the UK

All products returned to AP Diving UK for service from outside the UK  – including all EU countries – are required to have a “Return for Service Invoice” attached to the outside of the package, available for Customs inspection. Some Courier services also require that you email a copy of this invoice to them. Please contact your Courier for advice on their procedures.

Please download the sample Electronic Lid Return-for-Service Invoice below and add your details in the appropriate places.



[Note: This document is only for use when shipping Inspiration electronics for service. The CPC Code and IPR Authorisation number are specific to an Electronics Lid.]


2. Shipping all other products for Service from Outside the UK

For all other products please download the sample Return-for-Service Invoice below, add your details in the appropriate places (or, if available, use a sample form provided by your Courier) and attach to the outside of your package for Customs inspection.




For further details of servicing including prices and a brief outline of what is involved with the service

– please see the AP Servicing Guidelines & Prices page.