It sparked the CCR revolution in 1997.
    It’s been changing the game ever since.

    The AP Inspiration range of rebreathers is used by more deep dive specialists, professional videographers and serious sport and technical divers than any other rebreather.

     Photo by Cyrille Mulard, Te Honu Diving


Just for starters…

  1. The Inspiration is Unique: With multiple Patented features. Not gimmicks, but absolute essentials like independent Dual Oxygen Controllers, CO2 Scrubber Monitor, audible alarms, fibre-optic HUDs…
  2. Benchmark Design: Such as, Oxygen Control accuracy (+/- 0.05 Bar of Setpoint) that set the CE standard – to mention just one of the Inspiration’s many ‘firsts’… 
  3. Versatile: One unit – all depths. Configure from Recreational spec to Trimix. Your choice.
  4. Easy to Prep: Quick start-of-day set-up and end-of-day replenish.
  5. Easy to Dive: Streamlined fit, a dream to fly, with ease-of breathing in all positions.
  6. Customise Your Unit: More upgrade options allows you to build your Inspiration to suit you.
  7. Intuitive Controls: Simple step-thru calibrate and test. Dive with clarity, control and ease.
  8. Redundancy Built-in: Unique back-up oxygen control & power sources, multiple independent displays with effective warning systems and multiple bail-out options.
  9. Future-proofed: Fully upgradeable by software upload and hardware plug & play.
  10. Constant Innovation: State-of-the-art in-house test facilities ensure we stay ahead of the curve.
  11. 50+ Year established dive manufacturer with a proven record of innovation and engineering.
  12. Global Market Leader: The most popular and widely used rebreathers on the planet, with all that implies about training, spares and worldwide rebreather support.


How good a diver could you be? Find out with Inspiration

Switch to an Inspiration and renew your enthusiasm for the sport, push your limits
and unlock your potential as an advanced diver. 

Photo by Cyrille Mulard, Te Honu Diving ©

Imagine…Typical dives of an hour, an hour-and-a-half, even 3 hours?

Warm, comfortable, balanced, with perfect buoyancy control, uncluttered kit configuration and no worries about gas consumption:

~ You dive an incredible wreck at 30m for an hour

~ After a few hours break, relax, charge the camera

~ In the afternoon, you dive again: 30m for an hour

All without refilling between dives.



Alternatively, if deep, dark dives are your goal?

The Inspiration opens up whole new worlds of exploration
– with depth and duration profiles previously not possible


The Inspiration delivers super-nitrox gas – the optimum mix for every depth; with a high performance scrubber (tested to 160m); counterlungs that offer the industry’s lowest work-of-breathing; and unique time-proven electronic controllers that keep you safe and comfortable in extreme places.

With the Inspiration there’s no excuse not to achieve your long-held dive ambitions and rack up some personal firsts along the way.

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at right now – sport or technical – you’ll be better with Inspiration.

Photo by Barry McGill ©




95% of components built in our UK factory. 100% tested in depth.

Jake Kimpton AP ©

There’s no buy-in and bolt-on at AP. In-house design, tool-making, big investment in R&D and manufacturing coupled with rigorous on-site and in-water testing (bench and manned) means start-to-finish quality and consistency.

AP Diving’s product specs and manufacturing processes are routinely checked and verified by third party agents Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd to achieve the essential ISO 9001 manufacturing standard. And all AP Inspiration rebreathers meet or exceed the stringent criteria needed to attain the essential CE approved status.

Decades of manufacturing and diving experience thought and testing have gone into the design and materials used for every structural component. Such as: the silicone mouthpiece with extended bites that fit just right; the insulated axial scrubber made from polypropylene (light with excellent thermal properties); the 1000 denier Dupont cordura double-bag counterlung and wing construction (the toughest available); the polypropylene valves and fittings (stronger, lighter, affordable and readily available); the impact absorbing ABS protective case and chassis; unique re-usable chromed hose fittings…

All common to the Inspiration, all British made and all Quality Assured.

Jeff Parker AP ©



Inspiration: designed to fit your body & your dive style exact

#  One size does not fit all. There are 3 Inspiration models (with different size chassis) to choose from and 5 sizes of integrated weight harnesses from small to XXL

#  Counterlung Choice: over the shoulder or back-mounted? We’re the only manufacturer to give you the option 

#  Cylinders & Scrubber size to suit your dive goals and demands:

  • Inspiration evo – high-performance, lighter travel spec – 2 litre cylinders, 2 hour scrubber
  • Inspiration evp – best-of-all-worlds spec – 2 litre cylinders, 3 hour scrubber
  • Inspiration xpd – the ultimate dive machine – 3 litre cylinders, 3 hour scrubber

All good stuff that comes as standard. Then the fun begins…


Jeff Parker AP ©
Jeff Parker AP ©

The whole package is run by the AP Vision electronics system which can be upgraded from absolute beginner (18m depth limited if required) to 100m+ with integrated Trimix Deco..

Other Upgrades:

  • 22kg Wings (Inspiration xpd only)
  • Auto Diluent Valve (ADV)
  • Flow Stop with multiple Gas Connector System options
  • Scrubber Life Monitor (TempStik)
  • All-Black cover
  • CO2 Sensor
  • Off-board and Side-mount options
  • Open Circuit Bailout (OCB)
  • Nitrox or Trimix Deco software

If you are feeling spoilt for choice, don’t worry – either discuss the options with your CCR instructor or just give us a call – 01326 563 834 – to talk to an experienced rebreather diver and we’ll guide you through it.


Garry Jones - Co-developer of the MKIII & MKIV Jump Jackets



50 years at diving’s leading edge and counting.

AP Diving stands on the shoulders of a 50+ year dive-manufacturing base – selling more rebreathers than any other company and supplying buoyancy control kit to military and commercial divers worldwide.

When you’re under pressure in extreme conditions, you need to trust your kit without question. That’s why oil companies, navies and emergency services worldwide use AP gear for the heavy-duty stuff. We’re the world’s leading manufacturers of fully closed circuit rebreathers with a history of dive kit invention and innovation stretching back to 1969 when we forged our first revolutionary emergency valve.

We launched the Inspiration, the world’s first mass produced electronically controlled closed Circuit rebreather in 1997, kick-starting and creating the modern era of rebreather diving and we’ve been pushing the frontiers of what’s achievable underwater ever since.


Throughout the unit, safety & back-up are built-in

Safety isn’t a feature, or a benefit, or a ‘nice-to-have’. It should be at the core of any rebreather design. It was only after years of intensive research, development & testing that we were able to launch the world’s first production CCR.

The Inspiration was the first rebreather to achieve CE certification and we’ve been establishing benchmarks ever since.

Patented Dual Oxygen control, back-up power sources, unique no-flood HUD, audible alarms, even non-interchangeable hose fittings so you can’t get them mixed up… It is this meticulous, thoughtful approach that every year sees AP Diving passing the tough FMECA risk assessment reaching Safety Integrity Level 3 – the highest of any rebreather on the market.

Safe may not be sexy, but it improves your performance! If you’re sure of your rebreather, you dive with confidence.



Got a question? Need a quick repair? Talk to us.

Our door is always open.IIf you want to discuss any aspect of diving, unit operation, personal dive plans, servicing or spares – call us, or drop by the factory if you are in the area – tea and factory tours are always available. We’re here to help you get the most out of the best diving gear in the world because we love diving as much as you do.

Buy from AP and you’re buying back-up. Because nearly all our products are built in-house, we always have spares of even the smallest components. And because we attract and retain staff who love diving, you get knowledgeable & efficient after-sales service – wherever you are in the world.

Jake Kimpton AP ©


Wherever you travel, choose kit that dive centres know and trust.



The Inspiration is a beautiful unit to teach people on because it’s got a support network that goes globally… that you can find information online… to manuals… usability… opinions and everything.”

Michael Robertson – Arctic exploration diver and CCR Instructor


Michael Robertson
Cyrille Mulard, Te Honu Diving Tahiti


Imagine an island in the middle of the Pacific. 20,000 km away, a 12-hour time difference and the complexity of oversea freighting from AP Diving’s factory – Helston in the UK to Tahiti, French Polynesia. No problem for AP Diving’s professional customer service, who can get spare parts to us within a week.”

Cyrille Mulard, Te Honu Diving Tahiti