There’s a reason why we build things
    the way we do... You.

    Everything we make at AP Diving is precision engineered
    to enhance your dive experience.

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Patented Dual Oxygen Controllers: unique and essential

Dual Power Supplies: intelligently linked

Patented Fibre-Optic HUD: cannot fail due to flood

Audible Alarm: sits adjacent to the diver's ear

Open Circuit Bailout (OCB): gas from either side

Front or Back-mounted Counterlungs: your choice

Thermoplastic ABS Case: superb impact protection

Auto Diluent Valve (ADV): reduces task-loading

Insulated Scrubber Canister: unique performance

Dedicated Dive Planner: versatile and powerful

CO2 Monitor: advanced safety

Scrubber Monitor (Tempstik): with visual display

Rechargeable Batteries & global rapid charger


  • Manual/auto/gradual setpoint switching - simple change

  • Non-interchangeable hose fittings - no mix-ups

  • Unique Counterlung Exhaust - 2-position - for dive & pre-dive

  • Scrubber scrim filters - ‘no taste’ - dust-free breathing

  • Benchmark oxygen control accuracy - it set the CE standard

  • Work of breathing - beats the standard

  • All designed & built in-house - quality assured

  • The world’s only plug & play CCR - futureproof unit

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All 3 Inspiration models - xpd, evp and evo - come complete with:

  • Over-the-Shoulder or Back-Mounted Counterlungs
  • Integrated Weight Harness
  • 16kg Wing BCD with Auto Air
  • Vision electronics - Dual O2 Controllers & Head-Up Display
  • Cylinders, first stages and all hoses and manifolds
  • Manual Inflators
  • ABS chassis and case
  • Rebreather carry case
  • PC download & Logviewer software

Inspirations are ready-to-fly out of the box
- with the above standard features. Unlike some other makes of rebreather, you don't need to assemble the unit yourself from parts or shop again for some essential bolt-on that you will have to source from elsewhere - such as cylinders or a backup PO2 monitor…

Your Inspiration is custom built to order
so that it suits your size, body frame and the type of diving you plan to do.

With the exception of consumables (gas, sofnolime, batteries, cells) all you need to get going is included as standard. However, many divers choose to enhance their unit at the outset with some or all of the following upgrades...

Upgrade Options

  • Auto-Diluent Valve
  • Open Circuit Bailout
  • Scrubber Life Monitor (Tempstik)
  • CO2 Sensor
  • Nitrox or Trimix Deco Software (qualification dependent)

Other upgrade options include: the Flowstop and other Gas Connection Systems, various Off-board cylinder mounting options, the rebreather Lifting Bar, the Fishtail side-mount retainer, the Cell Validator, additional cylinders and gas-filling accessories, the Mouthpiece Headstrap, the emergency mini-cylinder... and a whole range of quality dive accessories from reels to SMBs to Lift-bags...

CO2 Sensor

2020VISION Colour Display

Ultra-bright, high-res IPS display
with conditional colouring

The AP 2020VISION Colour Display is an ultra-bright, high-resolution, full colour display delivering real-time information directly from the rebreather controllers.

It’s all about improving communication and understanding – with colour conditional status changes; larger, ultra-crisp fonts & icons on a bigger screen; and state-of-the-art IPS technology which offers brightness and clarity from all viewing angles.


Built for every breath – time-proven build quality

  • Ultra-durable outer shell – 1000 denier double-stitched cordura
  • Flexible inner bladder – tough HF welded PU
  • Simple to clean & repair
  • Unique pressure relief valve - pre-dive test & dive modes
  • Manual inflator ports
Original Photo by Martin Parker AP ©

Made for extremes , AP Inspiration counterlungs are fashioned using the same durable method and materials as our world famous BCDs. The twin-bag design consists of an ultra-durable 1000 denier DuPont cordura outer shell protecting a high-frequency welded, flexible polyurethane inner bladder. The advantages are: extreme durability and strength on the outside and a tough but flexible inner lung with protected seams, that is easy to clean, repair or replace.

This design and materials spec are time-proven and ruthlessly tested in the most unforgiving environments - having been in continuous production with the iconic AP (formerly BUDDY) Commando BCD since the 1980s.

The counterlungs are fitted with a unique pressure-relief valve, which has two settings – one for pre-dive test, the other for dive mode – during which, it will automatically vent to maintain lung pressures below 40 mbar. It has a manual pull-dump for ascents and can also be used for expelling water from the counterlung – even underwater.

Both oxygen and diluent manual inflator ports are fitted as standard, but may be blanked off if not required (for example, the required spec for the PADI Recreational level training course). Alternatively, extra ports can be added on request, when ordering your unit.


AP is the only rebreather manufacturer to offer you the choice

Over-the-Shoulder Counterlungs

  • Time-proven, setting the industry standard since 1997
  • Offers the lowest work-of-breathing (WOB) of any rebreather counterlung currently available
  • Easy-to-locate manual inflators and dump/op valve
  • Hydrostatic imbalance = absolute minimum in all diver orientations
  • CE Approved

Back-Mounted Counterlungs

  • The best breathing performance - in all typical diving positions - of any BMCL on the market
  • Clutter-free chest area
  • Streamlines your profile, reduces drag and is easy to trim to a horizontal attitude
  • Offers more space for clipping on and retrieving extra items of kit
  • CE Approved

Launched in 2012, the 'back-mounted' design has undergone years of R&D
to perfect its breathing performance. The laws of physics dictate that a front-mounted design will have minimum hydrostatic imbalance in all positions – even if you barrel-roll underwater.

However, through experimentation in our R&D test lab and in open water trials, we found that by locating the bulk of the lung towards the top of the back and shoulder, we achieved great improvements in work-of-breathing (WoB) compared to other back-mounted designs on the market.

The performance is virtually indistinguishable from our original Over-the-Shoulder design in all typical diving positions – with the exception of lying on your back (an unlikely diving scenario) but even this is do-able.


Secure confidence, custom fit comfort

  • Supreme comfort, adjustable fit
  • Super-secure integrated weight pockets
  • Through-the-legs crotch strap (or Scooter Strap option)
  • Available in 5 sizes

The rebreather harness is a real winner. It fits the unit to your body securely and with supreme comfort. There are multiple stainless D-rings for attaching side-mounts and accessories and the integrated weight pouches hold up to 6kg each and have large, grab-able lifting handles and Fastex buckle security.

Important note: choosing the right harness size for your back length is one of the most crucial factors in custom-building your rebreather.

New customers, please seek advice from your instructor, come and see us at the AP stand at all major Dive Shows worldwide or, if you can, drop by the factory for a fitting. Otherwise call us for advice and we will talk you through sizing.


Robust, reliable buoyancy compensator with Auto Air bailout

  • Unique time-proven AP BCD twin-bag design
  • 1000 denier double-stitched cordura outside – HF welded PU inside
  • Easy to clean, maintain and repair – service zip access to bladder and valves
  • Trim weight pockets (3kg each side) at the rear top
  • Auto Air inflator and bailout regulator fitted as standard

The Inspiration wing is identical in build quality to the time-proven AP Tekwings , which have been a hit with open circuit divers for over 20 years. The standard wing offers 16kg max lift or you have the option of a 22kg wing with the Inspiration xpd. Both wings feature handy, 50mm stainless steel D-rings at the sides which when used with the optional Verti-clips allow easy one-handed attachment of side slung tanks. Available in two colour options - Yellow and Grey.


No 'dust-taste' high performance Scrubber – tested to 160m

  • Superb Scrubber duration
  • Simple to handle, pack and seal
  • Unique scrim filters seal in the Sofnolime
  • No “dusty taste” common with other makes
  • Available in 2 sizes – 2 hour or 3 hour nominal duration*

When we first developed our scrubber the Radial versus Axial debate was raging (it still is in some quarters). So we built six different rebreather cartridges, including both designs, and tested them exhaustively on-site and at the Royal Navy’s (DERA) Defence Equipment Research Agency test centre. We found there were advantages and disadvantages to each approach - so we took the best of both and put them into one unique scrubber.

Inspired by the radial approach we created an air gap between the Sofnolime and the outside canister wall, insulating the absorbant and instantly achieving dramatically improved durations. This was the break-through - but in retaining a vertical design we also managed to keep all the simple handling, easy packing, and minimal-risk-of-channeling due to settling of an axial scrubber. The result? One of the best performing and easy-to-use scrubbers on the market.

* The nominal durations of 2 & 3 hours were achieved under deliberately harsh conditions: tested in cold water (4 degrees C) at 40RMV, 1.6 lpm CO 2 production. Duration times will vary with conditions. Improved duration can also be achieved with the use of an AP Scrubber Life Monitor. To learn more, follow the link opposite.

Jake Kimpton AP ©


Breathing Hoses & T-Pieces that deliver in extreme conditions

Designed for high flow and reduced breathing resistance , AP Breathing Hoses offer great flexibility, long life and durability. The corrugated hose is extremely tough but also flexible enough to be squashed to perform pre-dive loop tests. It can be cut shorter to suit the individual diver and the threaded connections re-used.

The screw-on fittings connect the hose to the mouthpiece and T-piece with absolute security and are designed with different threads to dictate correct assembly. The exhale T-piece has an integral deflector which directs any small amounts of water, inadvertently let in through the mouthpiece, safely into the exhale counterlung.


A mouthpiece made for your mouth? There’s an idea

With longer and wider bites
than you find on a standard regulator, the AP mouthpiece’s rubber bite is designed specifically to sit comfortably and allow easy breathing on long duration dives.


(DSV or Dive/Surface Valve) with RB Safety Mouthpiece Headstrap

Introduced in the spring of 2023 the new Rebreather Mouthpiece (DSV) is now standard issue with all new Inspiration rebreathers together with the RBSM - Rebreather Safety Headstrap. Both products are available to retro-fit to older units.

The standard DSV mouthpiece offers true single-handed lever operation allowing you to switch easily between open and closed positions. The open position is for normal breathing from the rebreather and the closed position seals the breathing loop, preventing water ingress and buoyancy loss, when removing the mouthpiece from the mouth while in the water.

Key Features:

  • True one-handed operation with prominent, easy-to-find raised grips which allow solid leverage between your thumb and fore-finger when moving the lever.
  • Operational with either hand.
  • Tactile feedback when switching - you can feel (& hear) the positive end-stop when in the fully open or fully closed positions.
  • The mouthpiece outlet is offset to the top which lowers the mouthpiece body, increasing the diver's field-of-view and allowing easier access to a camera viewport.
  • Sits comfortably in the mouth and is fully compatible with the AP RBSM Headstrap which further increases comfort and security.
  • 15% improvement in work-of-breathing compared to the previous mouthpiece design.
  • The position of the operating lever is visible to the buddy diver / instructor / dive supervisor.
  • Improved design reduces the CO2 deadspace in the chamber.
  • Easy Clearing - the size of the water channel has been optimised to allow easy clearing when opening the valve.
  • Deep ty-rap channel for secure mouthpiece attachment.
  • Robust injection moulded construction with strengthening ribs.
  • Moulded in Acetal with PTFE compounded in. The PTFE provides a degree of self-lubrication.

The mouthpiece houses our patented non-return valves – the heart of the closed circuit system – that make sure the gas flows in the right direction and prevents backflow.


Rebreather Safety Mouthpiece Headstrap

The RBSM is an added safety feature on the rebreather. It is now part of the European Rebreather Standard to include a head strap with all new rebreathers sold. (The RBSM is also available to retro-fit to older units)

At first you will find using a mouthpiece strap is strange but persevere and by dive 3 you will have mastered it’s use and you will appreciate the benefits.

The strap provides extra assurance against mouthpiece loss and the flange provides an additional seal. The combination allows you to relax your jaw more, which is of great benefit on longer dives and ensures the mouthpiece bites last longer. Moulded in one piece it is easy to clean and disinfect.

The swivel attachments to the flange allow the slap strap to be to located on the nape of the neck rather than on the crown of your head, which ensures the strap does not slide over your head on water entry. The neoprene slap strap provides elasticity and being made of neoprene ensures it does not interfere with your silicone mask strap.

The strap is tightened on either side by pulling forwards on the enlarged webbing tabs; pulling forwards being a more natural action and easier action than pulling backwards with your dive suit on. The strap is easily lengthened by pushing either left or right slider buckles backwards. On the right hand side is a quick release buckle which is great for quickly releasing the strap and for connecting it should you have forgotten to pop the strap over your head while kitting up.



Automatic top up on the way down

The ADV reduces your task loading during descents by automatically adding diluent gas in response to pressure change - maintaining a breathable volume in your counterlungs.

  • Unique upstream valve - requires no interstage pressure adjustment and offers safety shutoff
  • 300 degree swivel connector – rotate and choose to feed gas from either the on-board diluent cylinder or a side-mount
  • The ADV can also be fitted with a Flowstop gas isolator valve as an optional upgrade

Most other makes of ADV are downstream designs, which means that if there is a failure in the first stage, gas will free-flow into the counterlung dangerously. The AP upstream design ensures that if a fail occurs, the supply valve will close shut and gas will escape safely via a pressure relief valve on the first stage.

Jeff Parker AP ©

Order with Flowstop

The Flowstop is a high-performance* in-line gas isolator, perfect for isolating your ADV. When used with the ADV its functions include:

  • To shut-off gas supply in case of free-flow
  • To disable the ADV at the bottom stage of the dive to manually control loop volume if preferred - for example, if diving a saw-tooth profile
  • To disable the ADV at the deco stage of the dive if preferred. This may be to avoid potential dilution of the deco mix by ADV injection if the diver is rising and falling with a swell

* Please Note: Although the Flowstop is high-flow it is NOT suitable for use with an open circuit gas delivery system.



The OCB mouthpiece - a unique bailout valve

  • Switch from CC to OC & back easily without removing your mouthpiece
  • Patented dual valve design feeds gas from left or right
  • Sold oxygen-clean and ready for use with high oxygen percentage gasses
  • Compact & lightweight: only 350g on land, neutrally buoyant
  • CE approved , 3rd-party tested, rated to EN14143 rebreather standard
  • Exceeds EN250 regulator standard and EN13949 nitrox standard

A popular upgrade for all Inspiration rebreathers , AP's patented open circuit bailout mouthpiece lets you switch to OC easily with one movement of a simple turning ring. It comes with a 1.5m low pressure hose as standard. The hose features AP’s reusable LP fittings allowing you to shorten if required.

Order with GC5 Male Gas Connector

The GC5 Male Gas Connector is a large bore, full flow adaptor for attaching to a male 9/16" UNF 2nd stage outlet such as the OCB mouthpiece open circuit gas feeds (either side), the ADV or any 2nd stage without impeding their performance.

  • The GC5 allows easy connection of an open circuit hose feed (with an Auto Air-type female connector) to the OCB mouthpiece
  • It also has the benefit of allowing quick disconnect of off-board bail-out cylinders at the end of the dive
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Take the guesswork out of Scrubber duration

  • Real-time tracking of the thermal reaction across the scrubber bed
  • Accounts for depth, work rate & water temperature
  • Performs reliably in cold or warm water, ascending or descending
  • Clear and accurate bar graph display of scrubber activity on wristset
  • Multiple advanced warnings – on HUDs, buzzer and wristset
  • Extend dive durations with confidence in your Scrubber life

The 'Tempstik' Scrubber Life Monitor compares temperatures throughout the Sofnolime scrubber bed and gives an accurate display of the chemical activity occurring in real-time, reflecting the dive conditions and taking into account the factors – depth, work rate and water temperature – that affect scrubber duration. It will even take account of partially used Sofnolime and give multiple warnings (suppressible up to the final warning) - in addition to the visual bar graph - well in advance of scrubber exhaustion.

Why use a Scrubber Monitor?

In a word, confidence. The variables affecting scrubber duration are too multiple to offer accurate predictions of scrubber life for all possible conditions. For this reason our manufacturer’s stated times for the 2 sizes of scrubber - 3 hours and 2 hours - were achieved when testing using deliberately harsh conditions (4 º C cold water, with a breathing rate of 40 lpm, producing CO 2 at 1.6 lpm). That is, they are deliberately conservative. In reality, you may be in warmer water and not breathing that hard. So, you know you’ve got more dive time than the manufacturer says. But how much more?

The truth is, because of all the variables, it’s impossible to say and therefore IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that the stated guide times should be strictly adhered to if you are not using a Tempstik.

This is where the Scrubber Life Monitor really excels. The reaction zone in the scrubber is affected directly and in real-time by the work rate, depth and water conditions and so the Tempstik takes all the guesswork out, displays what is actually going on and allows you to extend dive duration with complete confidence in your scrubber life.


Incorporates two separate power supplies - B1 & B2 - hardwired to
the rebreather controllers and offers almost double the capacity of regular batteries

The AP Rechargeable Battery Pack and Dual Charger have been specially developed for Vision equipped AP Diving rebreathers. The system is compatible with Vision electronics (with V06.00.00 + firmware) and is intended as an upgrade for existing customers as well as a standard item with new AP rebreathers.

Jeff Parker AP ©
  • Batteries B1 & B2 are physically and electrically isolated
  • Approx. double the capacity of existing batteries - only requiring a recharge every 15-27 hours of diving with B2 still held in reserve (duration varies depending on solenoid type, work-rate, temperature & backlight use)
  • Intelligent dual power system with all the usual AP checks, warnings, displays and auto switch-over to B2 on depletion of B1
  • Hardwired to the rebreather controllers, factory fitted and encapsulated to ensure a waterproof, uninterrupted power supply
  • Rechargeable from the mains power supply (100-240V) or 12 volt DC car or boat supply
  • Unique rapid charger will charge from empty to maximum in approx. 4 hours - resorts to a trickle on completion
  • Intelligent protection circuitry during use and charging
  • Waterproof screw-on cap for charging port
  • More convenient in remote locations
  • Deactivation clip for transportation and to safe-guard against accidental switch-on
  • For all AP rebreathers with Vision - as an upgrade to existing units or standard on new units from November 2014 onwards
  • CE Approved
CO2 Sensor



The AP Diving CO 2 Sensor is an ‘active warning device’ designed to alert the diver when the CO 2 content of the breathing loop is approaching a dangerous level. This could be due to depletion of the CO 2 absorbent canister or incorrect assembly resulting in CO 2 bypass of the canister.
The sensor is intended as an option that can be used with or without the APD Scrubber Life Monitor (Tempstik).

  • Simple Plug & Play operation: Providing the Vision electronics are programmed with the correct software version (V05.01.02 onwards), you simply plug the CO2 sensor into the lid connection. The firmware recognises the CO 2 sensor and activates the appropriate displays and warnings.
  • Monitors CO 2 levels within the breathing loop and warns the diver prior to the level becoming harmful.
  • Single warning level when the diver should ascend immediately and bailout from the rebreather loop
  • Warnings are displayed on the Vision handset and via the HUD and the audible alarm
  • Sensor uses an advanced algorithm that compensates for pressure and temperature
  • Disposable desiccant cartridge assures accurate monitoring when loop has high humidity levels. (to be changed every 20-30 hours of diving – AP Diving recommend using the ‘Elapsed time’ feature to monitor protector duration) and protectors to be stored in their sealed packaging until ready for use)
  • Can be used with or without existing AP Scrubber Life Monitor (Tempstik)
  • New mixing chamber supplied for mounting the CO2 sensor
  • Sensor is checked for operation during Vision Electronics start up
  • Factory calibrated during assembly and simply zeroed during oxygen sensor calibration
  • Low power consumption and powered by the Vision rebreather batteries
  • Suitable for use with all diving gas mixes



Secure, easy connection of off-board or on-board gasses

There are multiple ways to configure gas connections with our variety of GCS hoses and connections.

In essence the system allows connection of different gas supplies to the rebreather’s ADV or to the OCB (or to a regulator 2nd stage) from the onboard supply or off-board cylinders and to switch between them.

Jeff Parker AP ©

Take the ADV as an example : a hose with a male quick-connect fitting could be fitted to the ADV (remembering that the gas direction is always towards the male fitting) and other hoses with female quick-connect ends can then be plugged into this coming from either side-mounts or the on-board manifold.

This allows you to feed in different diluent gases and switch during the dive if required. Both male and female ends seal watertight on disconnection. The GCS is ideal for removing your side-mount post-dive.

Flowstop isolators* can also be fitted in-line with ADV supply hoses.

*Please Note: The Flowstop is NOT suitable for use with open circuit gas delivery systems.

Jeff Parker AP ©

Another possible use of the GCS is to fit a GC5 Male Gas Connector to your OCB mouthpiece (see OCB section) to allow an open circuit hose feed (with an Auto Air-type female connector) to the mouthpiece, as shown above. If this hose feed is also fitted with a male quick-connector end you have the option of swapping open circuit cylinders underwater, for example, changing to an open circuit bottom mix or deco mix if required.

This configuration also has the benefit of allowing quick disconnect (from the mouthpiece) of off-board bail-out cylinders at the end of the dive.

These are only suggested uses and not the only options. Obviously you will set up your kit to suit the dive and your preferences. The point is, the GCS - Gas Connector hoses and fittings - offer multiple possibilities.



1,000,000 hoses in the field - and no fittings have ever come off!

Original AP Medium Pressure Hose fittings are used throughout the Inspiration range. They’re the most reliable connections in the business.

These are never-fail connections - screw on, not crimped.

Used now for over 30 years in continuous production without a single fitting coming off - until you want it to. With over one million hoses in the field still going strong - it’s a record we are very proud of. Compare that to the perennial recall of other manufacturer's hoses!

Not only does this give you 100% reliability , it helps with customising and repairs. If your hose is damaged at the ‘knuckle’ or too long it’s fairly simple to unscrew the hose end, cut the hose shorter and screw the fittings back on again. You can do this with two spanners even in the remotest parts of the world.

Jeff Parker AP ©



Live rebreather and decompression information at-a-glance

In brief...

  • Rebreather status in line-of-sight - throughout the dive
  • Vivid OLED colour display - with excellent readability even in very poor viz
  • Real-time dive information - delivered direct to the diver’s eye
  • Magnified virtual image projected in front of the diver for exceptional image clarity
  • Conditional colouring of text and graphics for intuitive communication of status changes - Green = good, Yellow = info alert, Red = warning
  • New Ascent Rate and Ceiling Height graphical displays
  • Super adjustable articulated mount allows positional preference
  • Low power consumption – powered by the rebreathers’s dual supply
  • Upgrade path for all AP rebreathers with Vision electronics
  • Ideal for photographers, film-makers or anyone preferring hands-free monitoring to work or play underwater
  • CE Approved

Please Note: The HUS is undergoing development and is not currently available. [February 2022]


Don’t go spare looking for that part. It’s all here.

The Inspiration is a production rebreather , the first of its kind, made by an established dive manufacturer with well over 40 years experience - a long, proven, track-record. As such, we manufacture parts in volume and distribute globally.

Jeff Parker AP ©

Our goal has always been to make 95% of all components 'in-house'.
This gives us complete quality control throughout the manufacturing process but also ensures we have a full stock of spare parts , maintenance kits and specialist tools readily available direct from our factory in Cornwall.

We also make a wide range of quality, time-proven dive accessories from Surface Marker Buoys to Reels, Lift Bags to Cylinders and Valves, off-board and on-board Cylinder Bands to unique Gas-filling accessories...